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Physical therapy

Our physical therapy offers you an extensive range of services. You are the centre of our treatment. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or a senior or if you want a single or group therapy. With all of our heart and vigour we maintain or regenerate your health.

Your health in our golden hands

  • Fast appointments for acute patients
  • Appropriate therapies by specialist therapists
  • Creation of individual home exercise programs
  • Home visits and much more


After a new admission, the therapist will prepare a comprehensive report in the first session. He carries out a screening, the patient's medical history is discussed, and the patient's targeted examination begins.

The systematic assessment of all symptoms and the body, the specific problem of the patient is researched, and the treatment planning is carried out.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy includes the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

Disturbed arthrokinematics (movements in a joint) can lead to pathological changes in the joints, muscles and nerves, as well as disturbances and blockages of the spinal column. This can lead to complaints that reduce the quality of life.

To eliminate these dysfunctions and the associated complaints in the body, targeted and effective techniques from manual therapy are applied to achieve an optimal therapy result.

Pelvic floor treatment

Do you often have back pain and you don’t know the reason?

Do you feel your “weak” bladder (prostate) during lifting heavy, jogging, laughing, coughing or sneezing yet?

Our feeling for the pelvic floor often changes after an abdominal or prostate operation, after a pregnancy or caesarean operation or in unilateral strain at work.

Functional pelvic floor training is one of the most important principles for a stable and painless spine and for optimal functioning of all pelvic organs. This in turn is a prerequisite for quality of life, especially in the old age.

A properly and regularly exercised pelvic floor training allows the strengthening and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. This serves as the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence due to pelvic floor weakness and overloading of the sphincter muscles.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are local hardenings or tension that can occur within a muscle (also known as knots).
These are often caused by long incorrect loading, restraint, unergonomic work, mental stress or poor supply of the muscle with nutrients. These hardenings themselves avert further the optimal supply of the muscle and can irritate surrounding nerves.

The trigger point itself is very painful to pressure but can also lead to chronic pain in other parts of the body due to the irritation of one nerve.

Certain pressure and massage techniques can relax the hardened regions and stimulate the circulation and metabolism of the affected muscle. In addition, muscle energy techniques, such as post isometric relaxation, can be used to actively relax a muscle. This increases the range of motion of a restricted joint. The same joint is brought into a specific position where the muscle is stained actively and without movement (isometric), so that he is then (post isometrically) able to relax over the body's own regulatory processes.

Physiotherapy after a disease or injury

Physiotherapy also known as movement therapy is a physiotherapeutic examination where functional disorders can be analysed like agility, coordination, strength, endurance and pain.

With the help of a targeted and individual treatment after a disease or an injury, the original efficiency and capacity will be rebuilt again.


The massage is a manual treatment technique. It serves to mechanically influence the skin, subcutaneous tissue and musculature through stretching, tension and pressure. The effect of the massage extends over the treated area of the body and the whole organism.

The Vietnamese massage means "healing touch". The Vietnamese massage consists of passive stretching, joint mobilizations and pressure point massages.

According to Ayurvedic teachings ten selected energy lines traverse the body as an energetic net. These lines are stimulated by gentle stretching and with the rhythmic pressure of the palm, thumb and elbow.

Manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage also known as decongestive therapy is a type of physical therapy. It is used for injuries, surgical swellings or chronic joint diseases (lymphedema).

By reducing the lymphatic fluid (swelling), the lymphatic drainage relieves pain and improves the faster return of the mobility of a joint after an injury.

Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)

Treatment in the jaw-skull area

Craniomandibular dysfunction doesn’t affect only adults. Also, during childhood stress, misalignment in the teeth or problems in the whole-body statics can lead to blockages, disbalances and a false posture. These can be manifested by pain in the face, over head, neck and back pain up to recurrent knee pain. The head joints are very important, which lie in the immediate vicinity of the neural tracts.

If blockages occur here, such as the clenching and crunching of the teeth, symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness or even complaints of the trigeminal nerve can be triggered. These complaints can lead to significant restrictions in everyday life. Trust our "golden hands" and we bring you through your everyday life without complaints and increase your quality of life.

Craniosacral Therapy

A soft treatment

Craniosacral therapy uses gentle body contact on the craniosacral system (skull, spine, pelvis) to activate natural healing mechanisms in the body.

The craniosacral therapy is a gentle, manual treatment that feels in the movements of a person's craniosacral system through light body touches. The therapist feels the pulsation of the fluid inside the system on the skull and the pelvis and feels possible limitations. The fluid system of ill people, in which the nerves lie, is limited in function and can be optimized again by the craniosacral therapy.

Targeted movements release the restricted tissue until the pulsation can be fully felt. In this way, natural healing mechanisms are activated.

These mechanisms relieve tensions, increase the functional capacity of the nervous system, relieve pain and blockages, influence the hormone balance positively and strengthen the immune system. This significantly supports the health.


Electrotherapy includes all treatments where electrical voltages are used therapeutically. These are mainly used for the pain relief and the improvement of the body's own healing processes.
There are four different types of electrotherapy:

  • 1. the direct current
  • 2. the low frequency currents, e. g. the ultra-stimulation current
  • 3. the medium frequency currents
  • 4. the high frequency range with e. g. the ultrasound

A classic example of application for electrotherapy is the acute lower back pain, in which especially the ultra-stimulation current is applied because of its pain-relieving effect. But we also use the other current types with good results every day and we would be happy to help you with this proven method.

Foot Reflexology treatment

The foot reflexology massage is based on the connection of different nerve tracts with the internal organs, which can be stimulated by pressure points on the sole of the foot. The foot is divided into several reflex zones, which are in connection with the internal organs.

If one of these zones hurts trough pressure or is hardened, it means that there is an irregularity in the associated organ.

Through a targeted pressure on the conspicuous zone, a stimulus is triggered, which influences the corresponding organ positively. Through the therapy, pain can be reduced, and self-healing powers can be activated.

Locally, the foot reflexology massage improves the circulation of peripheral lymph drainage.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

PNF is a neuromuscular treatment, which is primarily used in neurological conditions e. g. after a stroke. Also, the orthopaedics, paediatrics and sports medicine use PNF as a coordination training. Three-dimensional motion patterns are retrieved through priming. These paths are orientated at the physiological gait. This functional training is executed by resistance of the therapist and may be accompanied with aids (such as a Theraband or Pezziball).

These aids can increase the healing, but the use depends on the level of performance of the patient. Frequent repetitions of movement patterns and the use of different PNF techniques will help to automate movements. This enables the patient to work evidence-based. This guarantees to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes by introducing the latest knowledge in PNF therapy.

Heat therapy

The metabolism in our bodies can be stimulated by heat. The transport of oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and the efflux of decomposition products of metabolism are stimulated.

Ultrasound heat therapy

Deeper tissue layers (like deep muscles, bones and joint structures) can be heated regionally by high-frequency mechanical vibrations with the help of ultrasound heat therapy. The ultrasound reduces pain and resolves adhesions, increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Ultrasound helps with the regeneration of tissue and heals fractures of bones. The tissue can be vibrated by using ultrasound. Thereby it heats up in depth. This process treats beginning calcifications in different tissue types.

We use this form of therapy daily, especially to treat inflammation and acute irritation like overworked muscle tendons e. g. . Also, we use the ultrasonic therapy for acute injuries such as the buckling over the outer foot edge. Even with chronic pain, this form of therapy has a high benefit and we would be happy to actively support your healing with this special heat therapy.


A fango pack is a mud filled pillow that is heated in the oven and then used to detonate muscles. This method reduces the pain and invites you to relax by the occurring excitation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic, on the other hand, which is responsible for an increase in heart rate and metabolism is going down to relax.

Hot roll

The hot roll is a physically application from the heat therapy. It gives the chance of a local heat application with a massage effect at the same time.

The therapist uses a roll that is made of two or three tiny towels. He rolls them up in the shape of a funnel. The roll is soaked in very hot or boiling water.

With short, but powerful pressure movements, the hot roller is now applied to the desired locations of the body. Because the roll consists of several layers, they are unrolled again, and the moist heat can be applied.

Inside the treated body parts there is a significant increase in blood flow. Due to the well controllable intensity of the application, the patient has only a low circulation stress with high effectiveness.

The main application areas are:

  • muscle aches
  • degenerative joint diseases
  • chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract
  • chronic constipation
  • functional disorders of the abdominal organs


The cryotherapy uses ice to apply specifically. Working with ice helps to inhibit inflammation, to relieve pain or to influence muscle tension.

This happens because of the cold, which makes the blood vessels constrict. Cryotherapy can also be used after injury and surgery to reduce existing swelling.

Compression bandage

A lymphedema can cause that tissue swellings build up in the extremities. This means that proteins and tissue fluids collect between the cells because they can’t be properly removed from the lymphatic system any longer.

Manual lymphatic drainage improves the removal of lymph fluids from the tissue and reduces the amount of fluid. A compression bandage in combination can be used to support and enhance this effect.

Fascial Therapy

The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle and every organ. Collagen makes the fascia elastic and gives our body its anatomical shape. In addition, they protect internal structures that allow muscle fibres to glide smoothly. Nowadays they are becoming more and more important to our well-being. With the help of fascial therapy, the formation of new collagen is stimulated.

As a result, the fascia become flexible again and the pain can be reduced. The muscles can be relaxed and even organs can be positively influenced.

By using a so-called black roll, the corresponding structures can be stretched purposefully and stimulated by pressure. At the same time, the blood circulation is stimulated. This sets the body's own regeneration machinery in motion.

Sling table

The sling table helps to facilitate movements by disregard the law of gravity. Parts of the body are hung in separate loops. For example, one arm or one leg can now make movements that would otherwise cause pain. Therefore, joints are mobilized, but at the same time also stabilized. The instability of the tendons challenges the muscles.

At the same time, it can also reduce acute pain. The sling table can be used for all problems with the shoulders, arms, knees, hips and even the spine.