PTB PhysioTeam Berthold in Rostock


Our offered prevention protects you against diseases. The primary prevention is the first step of our comprehensive prevention. We inform you about the risks and show you what is the best way to take care of your own health.
The next step is called secondary prevention. In this stage we recognize certain risk groups and intervene before your health takes damage. As a risk group we denote professional groups, which are prone to characteristic clinical pictures. An office job causes often pain in the area of shoulder and neck because you don’t take care about the correct working ergonomics.

On the other hand there are people who have to lift many heavy things during their work time. These people have a high risk to suffer from a herniated disc. The third stage of our prevention is about the avoidance of an recurrence of an already occured disease or prevention of aggravation. This phase is called tertiary prevention. Your PTD Team is active in all these areas of prevention. So we help and advise our patients as much as possible.

Benefits for your health

  • Certified courses fulfill the requirements of the statutory health insurance funds (according to § 20 SGB V) and are eligible for subsidies
  • Reducing the lack of movement with the help of healthy and sporty activities
  • Prevention and reducing of special health risks through recognized prevention programs, which are oriented to the behavior and health

Our courses:

  • Aqua-fitness
  • Aqua-jogging
  • Spinal gymnastics
  • Back training
  • Yoga

Back training

What can I do with my spine?
What is the correct way to sit, move and bend down?
Which kind of movement causes stress in my spine and which exercise helps?
In our everyday life we don’t move our backbone enough and poor postures are often overstrained. During our back training we clarify your questions about the spine and show you strategies to care for your back. These strategies help you to keep a long time without pain.

Furthermore, it is primarily about coordinative aspects, the feeling and feeling of posture and movement in everyday life. You will receive instructions for correct lifting, carrying and sitting as well as strengthening and balancing exercises.

The effective course time is about 45 minutes.


Aqua-fitness is a joint-friendly all-round training in the water, which is very demanding through the use of various aids and through the exercises. With and without devices, you get excited about upbeat music and lots of fun.The various properties of the water are included in the exercises and movements.

Aqua-fitness strengths and massages the musculature and increases your endurance.

The effective course time is about 45 minutes.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an ideal full-body workout, if you do it right.

It is more than walking with ski sticks. You train your chest, shoulder and arm muscles through pushing off the floor with the sticks. This relieves the ankles at the same time.

It is the optimal sport for obese people because nordic walking protects their knee joints. It’s also a effective sport for older people, because the sticks provide safety during the walk.

The effective course time is about 45 minutes.


Yoga means relaxation and sport, inner peace and sweaty fitness. You think this doesn’t work? Let us show you how it works! Yoga exercises do not only strengthen the body. They also include meditative elements that lead to serenity and balance. Yoga doesn’t need a specific location or equipment for the exercises. With a simple yoga mat and comfortable clothes, you can do all the yoga exercises at home.

We show you six basic positions, which also succeed beginners in yoga. From sun salutation over cobra, warrior and dog to triangle and tree - we cover the basic yoga exercises. As an extra, we explain to each yoga exercise, which effect it has on body and soul. The first yoga exercise we introduce is called sun salutation.

The effective course time is about 60 minutes.