PTB PhysioTeam Berthold in Rostock

What is new at our PTB PhysioTeam in Rostock? Take a look on our news!


Our PhysioTeam is searching you

Let’s start into the next level in the centre of Rostock at the PhysioTeam Berthold in the Kopernikusstraße. We offer our patients high quality services for their health. A great network and exchange of experiences secures a better quality of treatment for our patients. We are accompanied by a high growth and you can join with us! Become a part of our PhysioTeam Berthold! One of our priorities is that you are feeling good in our company and having fun at work in addition to constant development. elst.

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PTB PhysioTeam Berthold opens a second location

The time is finally coming. We open our second practice of the PTB PhysioTeam Berthold. We are in the district Groß Klein in Rostock.
Come and visit us. We are looking forward!

Health matters for all of us - new offers

New *** Pilates *** New

We receive wishes and suggestions.
If you’re interested, contact us.

Our PTB PhysioTeam Berthold gets reinforcement

Our PTB-Team is constantly growing. In September there will be new hardworking employees named Daniel and Mariette. In October we will welcome Anna, Susan and Stefanie to the team. We look forward to a good cooperation and a good time.

"Being cool" - we start

Do you want to enjoy the movement finally again and lose some weight at the same time?
The PhysioTeam makes your dreams come true. An offer for kids and teens and their parents.